01. He hammered at the door with his [fists].
02. My son came home with a black eye after getting a [fist] in the face.
03. The old man shook his [fist] at the young boys who had stolen apples from his tree.
04. He banged on the table with his [fist], and yelled in anger.
05. The old woman was banging the table with her [fist] and shouting.
06. The man shook his [fist] at the young boys who had broken his living room window with their baseball.
07. When my daughter was a baby, she used to love to squeeze fresh peaches in her [fist], so she could feel them squirt through her fingers.
08. The human heart is about the size of one's [fist].
09. The crowd of workers thrust their [fists] into the air, and let out a cheer.
10. The athlete pumped his [fist] in the air, and yelled triumphantly.
11. The gorilla beat its [fists] against its chest.
12. The boxer stuck his [fists] into his gloves and entered the ring.
13. Ali knocked out his opponent with a blow to the jaw with his left [fist].
14. A Chinese proverb suggests that an angry [fist] will not strike a smiling face.
15. A Chinese proverb states that gentlemen fight with their mouths, not their [fists].
16. Elizabeth Barrett Browning noted that children use the [fist] until they are of the age to use the brain.
17. George John Nathan once remarked that no man can think clearly when his [fists] are clenched.
18. Indira Gandhi once observed that you can't shake hands with a clenched [fist].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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